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Harness the power of video & photography to engage your audience

with a Brilliant Fixed-Fee Monthly Package.

Video & photography subscription – Simple, cost-effective, high impact

You want to compete effectively in your marketplace. You want to disrupt your competitors at every opportunity. Our video subscription package helps you do exactly that. It delivers professional videos to help you stand out, on a clever subscription basis which effectively spreads your investment throughout the year: great for cash flow, excellent for marketing, and ultimately good for your bottom line.

  • Make digital marketing work harder than ever for your business

  • Treat your audience to fantastic video content they’ll want to share

  • Drive better response and conversion rates

  • Tap into a huge and growing cultural trend that’s here to stay

Harness the power of video to engage your audience

We close the gap between busy business owners without the skills needed to create great video, and the expensive old-school model of client and creative agency. Thanks to us your organisation can benefit from the enormous marketing power of the moving image quickly, easily and affordably.

  • Pay a monthly fixed fee for all your digital media image and video requirements

  • Get beautiful, top quality site images and editorial images

  • Benefit from the huge and growing popularity of social media video

  • Choose to get a new video monthly, quarterly or annually, all for a single monthly fee

Video for your website and social media platforms

Social media networks are rich in video and imagery, and are the perfect platform for consuming it. If you aren’t using video for social media marketing yet, are you missing a trick? Probably. If you’d like to build an invaluable library of audience-focused video content throughout the year for a simple fixed monthly fee, read on.

  • Choose a one-off video – we’ll spread the cost over the year

  • We’ll provide monthly, quarterly or half yearly video and imagery for your social media networks and website

  • You can start off with one video with a fixed monthly fee spread over the year then add projects on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis as your business grows.

Beautiful, influential video and digital imagery – The cost

You choose how many videos you get each year

We make outstanding creative and narrative videos designed to captivate audiences. You pay a fixed monthly fee for the stunning, high impact promotional video content we create.

Just enter your details into our special calculator, below, to find out what it costs for a complete, end-to-end professional video production service, everything from scripting to storyboarding to shooting, editing and delivery on 60-90 second videos, promotional films, video testimonials, event clips and more, all provided to you in a super-clear, classy High Definition format.

Most of our clients like to refresh their social media video content seasonally with the ability to add one or two longer videos throughout the year.

The Wild Tor Media Subscription Model enables our clients to maximise their marketing budget by spreading the cost over a twelve month period giving our clients the unique opportunity to add videos as you grow your business throughout the year while knowing what your fixed monthly costs will be.

What does a Social Media Video include for your investment?

  • Pre-Production Meeting – Media Strategy

  • Half day filming

  • Half day editing

  • Soundtrack & graphics

  • Two edit request changes

  • 60 – 90 sec Social Media Video

  • Professional web quality still images

Should you have a more complex requirement then we would be very happy to meet you and discuss in more detail.

Simply send us an email and we will arrange a call or meeting with you.


Easily estimate the monthly cost of your yearly video requirements using this awesome tool.


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